Vasantha Aruliah nets Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer award for Emergency Social Services

Vasantha Aruliah DEVOTING their time and energy to helping those in need, this year’s Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer award winners have made significant contributions to emergency and disaster response in British Columbia.

During a ceremony at the Parliament Buildings, Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton recognized the outstanding achievements of six emergency volunteers. Public Safety Lifeline Volunteers (PSLVs) conduct air and ground searches, help the victims of serious car accidents, set up networks of volunteer teams and co-ordinate services for victims of natural disasters.

There are more than 10,000 PSLVs throughout the province who respond to an average of 6,000 incidents a year. Each year, volunteers are recognized for their outstanding contributions in the following six specialized categories: PEP Air, Emergency Social Services, Radio Communications, Road Rescue, Search and Rescue and Lifetime Achievement.

The 2014 winner in the Emergency Social Services category was Vasantha Aruliah of Port Coquitlam.

Her citation reads: “Described as caring, conscientious, and reliable, Vasantha Aruliah is a 15-year member of the Port Coquitlam Emergency Preparedness Program and currently serves in a leadership role as a Reception Centre Manager for emergency social services.

“Vasantha prides herself on participating in her community, putting on emergency program sessions with local strata and service groups, as well as taking part in the annual Emergency Preparedness Fair. Vasantha also spends time with other organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross, Port Coquitlam Cadets, the local recreation facility, their children’s high school fundraisers and the Community Volunteer Services for Seniors. She is one of the founding members of the Thamil Cultural Society of British Columbia. Selfless and devoted, Vasantha is a perfect example of the quality of volunteer drawn to the emergency program.”