Will Surrey-White Rock and South Surrey ridings go to NDP next time?

IT’S pretty amazing when you look at the kind of money the successful BC Liberal candidates from White Rock and South Surrey ridings spent as compared to their NDP rivals in the last provincial election.

Surrey-White Rock MLA Trevor Halford (BC Liberal) spent a whopping $59,798.20 as compared to the NDP candidate Bryn Smith’s expenses of a paltry $8,665.54.

The results?

Halford bagged 10,718 votes (39.51 per cent), while Smith netted 10,494 votes (38.69 per cent).

In other words, if Halford had spent the same amount as Smith did, he might have got royally thrashed by the NDP.

Stephanie Cadieux

South Surrey MLA Stephanie Cadieux (BC Liberal) spent $39,056.31 as compared to the NDP’s Pauline Greaves’ expenditure of $7,718.32.

The results?

Cadieux won with 12,970 votes (47.36 per cent), while Greaves got 11,794 votes (43.06 per cent).

Not an impressive victory for Cadieux at all!

Surrey voters not only re-elected all six incumbent NDP MLAs – Jinny Sims (Surrey-Panorama), Rachna Singh (Surrey-Green Timbers), Jagrup Brar (Surrey-Fleetwood), Harry Bains (Surrey-Newton), Bruce Ralston (Surrey-Whalley) and Garry Begg (Surrey-Guildford) – in the last election, but they also booted out Marvin Hunt (Surrey-Cloverdale), replacing him with the NDP’s Mike Starchuk.

The future for BC Liberals in Surrey looks rather dim.