Abbotsford Police look at new ways to keep kids away from gangs

Abbotsford Police will be ramping up its efforts to keep your kids away from gangs and drugs this school year.

They are working on new ways to get into high schools on this first week back.

There have been over a dozen special projects put on by the department over the past couple of years; Constable Ian MacDonald believes many of these initiatives have prevented kids from falling through the cracks.

“We never stop dreaming things up out here. We like to change it up a little bit because we don’t want to keep doing the same things, but we will be doing something to get people’s attention.”

The APD has also recently put more pressure on parents to get more involved in their children’s lives.

“The theme will always be ‘making good choices,’ with the backdrop to that largely towards gang involvement,” says MacDonald.

Organized crime and the drug trade are the specific areas of concern.