Abhayjeet Sachal selected for Environment and Climate Change Youth Council

ABHAYJEET (Abhay) Singh Sachal is one of 10 Canadians selected for the Environment and Climate Change Youth Council.

The prestigious Council is a group of young Canadians who are passionate about protecting the environment and taking climate action. In their communities and beyond, they have demonstrated leadership in these areas and are inspiring others to do the same.

The Youth Council will advise on key environmental and climate issues to inform decisions by the Government of Canada. In its first year, the Youth Council will focus on:

  • Ensuring Canada continues to enact the measures in the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan;
  • Net-zero emissions by 2050;
  • Youth participation in international summits; and
  • Nature-based solutions to fight climate change and biodiversity loss.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with the Environment and Climate Change Youth Council, send an email to:



SACHAL is a Canadian humanitarian, environmentalist, and activist who believes that engagement in dialogue and conversation can serve to spark change around the world. After a trip to the Arctic in 2016, Abhay co-founded Break The Divide Foundation, a non-profit organization that connects youth around the world with one another. Based on principles of environmentalism, sustainability, and reconciliation, Break The Divide focuses on fostering empathy and understanding to inspire action projects in communities.

Abhay’s work and research centres on the intersection of climate change, mental health, and community resilience. He has been a key presenter at numerous international conferences in his efforts to share environmental and educational knowledge. Abhay was recently named one of Canada’s Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalists and was featured as one of 10 International Youth Changemakers in Canada.

He is also an avid ice hockey player and pianist. Abhay is currently a student at the University of Toronto, studying Global Health and Peace and Conflict Studies.