After Brampton, racists target York University with anti-immigration flyers



NOW anti-immigration flyers have appeared in at Toronto’s York University.

The flyers – titled “The Changing Demography of York University” – carry the York University logo and show two photos of York sports teams: one is black and white and shows white men only and the other, a more recent picture, shows students of various ethnicities, the Toronto Star reported on Friday.

The flyers state that if “mass third world immigration continues, Canadians will be reduced to a persecuted minority, not only at York, but in their own country!! It doesn’t have to be this way!!”

The Toronto Police is investigating.

 (Photo courtesy CBC)

FEDERAL Liberal Critic for Citizenship and Immigration, Multiculturalism and Seniors John McCallum issued a statement on Thursday regarding the distribution of anti-immigrant flyers in Brampton and York University:

“The recent spate of anti-immigrant flyers at York University and Brampton is truly disturbing. It upsets me deeply that these blatantly racist and atavistic views are being propagated anywhere in this country. Such hate and fear-mongering has no place in today’s Canadian society, a society that has flourished due to the contributions of immigrants of all ethnicities. It is especially disheartening that the group behind this would distribute such trash at a university, a place where a diversity of experiences and backgrounds is of utmost value.

“It is important to remember that the vast majority of Canadians do not share these backwards views. I am extraordinarily proud of the residents of Brampton and the students and administration of York University who have taken a strong stands against these flyers, and denounced the authors of these hate-filled pieces of narrow-minded propaganda.

“I am also disturbed by the government’s silence on these despicable acts of hatred. I call on the government to immediately and publicly denounce the small-minded individuals behind these flyers, and reaffirm to all Canadians that such behavior has no place in our society.”


ONT HATE POSTER AUG 2014MEANWHILE, Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives condemned the racist pamphlets that were distributed in Brampton.

Monet McNaughton, MPP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, said in a statement on Monday: “Yet again despicable racist pamphlets have been distributed throughout the City of Brampton. These pamphlets demonstrate unacceptable hate mongering. Their distributors do not represent or understand the cultural mosaic of the Ontario that I love.

“On behalf of the Ontario PC Party and the people of Ontario, I most strongly condemn the bigoted content of these pamphlets and hope that the individuals distributing them step forward and are brought to justice.

“Ontario is a province that allows for all communities, languages and cultures to co-exist equally. The Ontario PC Party will continue to fight to make sure that these intolerant politics of division cease to exist.”


IMMIGRATION Watch Canada, whose name appeared on the flyers and who had produced such flyers in April, claimed they had nothing to do with it.

The single page flyers show the face of a Sikh man with a turban with a red cross through it and carry the words: “Say ‘NO’ to the Massive Third World Invasion of Canada!” It also shows a group of multicultural people and states that government policy has ruined the country.

Peel Regional Police said last week that they “strongly oppose this type of messaging and we remain committed to identifying possible hate crime within the Region of Peel and investigating identified instances to the furthest extent.”

They added: “Peel Regional Police have initiated an investigation into the content and nature of the flyer in question and its author. At the completion of the investigation, as matter of legislative requirement, investigators will be consulting with the Ministry of the Attorney General to seek the authorization, if applicable, to lay hate crime related charges.”