And now Surrey Councillor Annis is back to sabotaging Surrey municipal police force

AS had been predicted by The VOICE, RCMP supporters in Surrey continue in their desperate attempt to sabotage the ongoing formation of a municipal police force in Surrey.

Just last week in a story titled “RCMP supporters not giving up on sabotaging Surrey Police formation,” The VOICE had reported: “Taking full advantage of the COVID-19 crisis, the Surrey Board of Trade, a staunch RCMP supporter that has vigorously opposed the formation of a Surrey municipal police force, was at it again on Tuesday.

“In a press release, the Surrey Board of Trade in a list of demand wanted the “new public safety infrastructure (new Surrey Police Department) postponed indefinitely.”

“You can expect other anti-Surrey Police municipal force organizations and individuals to join in the latest round of sabotage.”

The VOICE’s prediction came right on Friday when Surrey Councillor Linda Annis, who led the movement against the Surrey municipal police force, issued her own press release, stating: “We need to shelve the proposed Surrey Police Department proposal at least until Surrey and its taxpayers are back on their feet.”

As had been expected, Annis is trying to whip up opposition by pointing to people “losing their jobs and having difficulty making ends meet.”

Don’t expect Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum to fall into this trap.

But do expect more RCMP supporters to shamelessly take full advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to try and achieve what they couldn’t the right, legal way!