Arbor Day event in Surrey as part of spring tree planting season wrap-up

THE City of Surrey held an Arbor Day event at T.E. Scott Park on May 6 with the participation of 140 community members who planted more than 300 trees and shrubs in the park.

The event was organized to celebrate the importance of trees and their contribution to the environment, as well as to beautify the park and enhance its ecological value.

“Thank you to the wonderful, hard-working volunteers who joined us for Surrey’s 20th annual Arbor Day Community Tree Planting event,” said Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke. “I am thrilled to see so many residents taking an active role in the beautification and preservation of our parks and green spaces. The trees we planted will not only provide shade and aesthetic value to T.E. Scott Park, but they will also help absorb carbon emissions, improve air quality and support the local ecosystem. Together, we are ensuring a healthy, green and thriving community for future generations. “

The new shade trees planted in T.E. Scott Park include a variety of species, such as locust, beech and oak. These trees were carefully selected to provide shade, enhance biodiversity and promote a healthy and resilient urban forest. In addition to planting 52 shade trees, volunteers also helped plant 250 small trees and shrubs in surrounding natural areas where invasive Himalayan blackberry was recently removed by volunteers.

Arbor Day is observed around the world as a day to plant trees and to reflect on the important roles they play in our lives and in our communities. This year’s event was Surrey’s 19th annual Arbor Day celebration, which is held in a different park each year to engage residents in caring for parks throughout Surrey.

Surrey’s Releaf tree planting program is delivered by Surrey Parks to support the health of the urban forest and to promote the many benefits of trees including beautification, clean air, wildlife habitat, energy savings and opportunities to connect with nature. Releaf plantings take place each spring and fall. To learn more visit

By the end of the year, the City of Surrey plans to plant 13,200 trees and 10,000 tree seedlings on public property and make 4,000 trees available for sale to residents through the tree sale program. 2023 also marks the fourth year in a row Surrey has been recognized as a Tree City of the World.