B.C. enhances access to addictions support for women and girls

WOMEN and girls in British Columbia living with addiction challenges will benefit from continued treatment and recovery services, thanks to provincial funding for Westminster House Society.

Westminster House Society provides services and supports for women and girls affected by addiction, including women and girls struggling with nicotine, alcohol, prescription medication and substance use, and behaviour disorders, such as problematic eating and gambling.

“When women make the brave decision to reach out for help, it’s vital the right services are in place to meet them,” said Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, on Wednesday. “That’s why our government is investing in organizations like Westminster House Society. This funding ensures women and girls will continue to access the services they need and deserve on their journey to wellness, as our government continues to build an integrated system of mental-health and addictions care that works for all British Columbians.”

Westminster House Society is a bed-based treatment and recovery centre in New Westminster that has provided support to women and girls with addictions for 42 years. More than 4,000 women and youth have reached out to the society for help since the declaration of the toxic drug public health emergency in 2016.

“Since the Pathway to Hope launched in 2019, Westminster House has initiated recovery to over 650 women and youth girls,” said Susan Hogarth, Executive Director, Westminster House Society. “The Province’s investment into the programs at Westminster House will include health and wellness, as well as the addition of support staff to help our clients build recovery capital for improved quality of life.”

The Province has provided $272,000 to the society to support these services. Enhancing supports for people living with mental-health and addiction challenges is an integral part of A Pathway to Hope, B.C.’s roadmap for building a comprehensive system of mental-health and addiction care for British Columbians.

“There is an urgent need to support people, including women and girls struggling with mental-health, addictions and substance use across the province,” said Kelli Paddon, Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity. “Funding for Westminster House Society will ensure women, youth and girls can get the supports they need in a caring and supportive environment.”

Leia Donnelly, family member of a client of Westminster House Society, said: “Westminster House Society was really supportive of our family while we were in crisis. We are grateful for the compassion, expertise and dedication that the program shared with our family. Our daughter is now one year clean and enjoying the gifts of recovery.”


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