B.C. Liberal leadership hopeful Falcon orders investigation into allegations about his team members

B.C. Liberal leadership hopeful Kevin Falcon has asked campaign co-chair, Puneet Sandhar to identify a third party to investigate allegations made by Diamond Isinger, who is campaign manager for another B.C. Liberal leadership hopeful, about his team members.

Isinger posted her allegations on her twitter account, stating: “The following message outlines a disturbing incident of sexual & personal harassment. After trying to deal with this privately for the last two days, with no apologies or consequences to date, I’m sharing this publicly to urge accountability.”

Falcon tweeted on Sunday: “I am deeply troubled by the allegations made by Diamond Isinger about members of my team. I’ve asked my campaign co-chair, Puneet Sandhar, LL.B to identify a third-party to investigate and bring this matter to a respectful and meaningful conclusion.”

Former Premier Christy Clark commented: “I’m so sorry this happened to you. By speaking out, you are helping to make change. I know many of us are utterly disgusted by what you describe but also heartened by your decision to make it public. We know it could just as easily have been any of us. Thanks for your courage.”