B.C. welcomes federal government’s decision to extend CECRA program

CAROLE James, Minister of Finance, on Tuesday said that the B.C. government welcomed the federal government’s decision to extend the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) program for an additional month for businesses most impacted by the pandemic.

She noted: “Our government has been advocating for an extension beyond June for businesses that need more time to reopen and begin their recovery.”

James added: “As the CECRA program will be extended through the month of July, the Province’s emergency order protecting eligible businesses from being evicted continues. The restriction will remain in place for the duration of the federal rent assistance program.

“The ban will continue to protect small businesses in British Columbia that would be eligible for rent relief but whose landlords have not applied, and it will encourage landlords to apply for the joint federal-provincial relief program. It is important for B.C. businesses to know that they may not be evicted if they have lost at least 70% of their pre-pandemic revenue and would qualify for the CECRA.

“I encourage all commercial tenants and landlords to work together on this – for eligible landlords to apply for the assistance program when their tenants cannot make rent and for small businesses to support their landlords to complete the application.

“Our aim is to put B.C. businesses – property owners and tenants – in a stronger position to participate in the Province’s restart and recovery plan.”