Bank robbery thwarted by customers in Abbotsford

AN armed suspect attempted to rob the Scotiabank on Gladwin Road on Wednesday at 11:29 a.m. The suspect walked into the bank brandishing a shotgun and demanded that everyone lie on the ground. The suspect threw bags onto the counter and demanded money.

As the suspect was making demands, one customer confronted the suspect.  Three other customers joined the first and tackled the suspect to the ground. 

Abbotsford Police plainclothes officers quickly arrived on scene and made an arrest. 

At 11:33 a.m., only four minutes after the initial call to police, the suspect was in police custody.  Luckily, no staff or customers were physically injured during this dynamic and dangerous incident.  Abbotsford Police Victim Services are on scene to support and assist bank customers and staff.  

A 46-year-old remains in police custody facing numerous charges including robbery and firearms-related offences. Abbotsford Police Major Crime Detectives are investigating.

Sgt Judy Bird said: “We are thankful for our community’s support and amazed at the willingness of those customers whose first thought was to protect others in the bank.  As grateful as we are for this outcome, we remind the public to be aware of how volatile and dangerous these situations can be, especially with armed suspects.”

On Thursday, Bird said that the suspect was a female after some news reports refered to the suspect as a male.

“With respects to this suspect, we purposely remained gender-neutral in this release – and will be practicing this going forward as well,” said Bird.


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