BC Liberal leadership candidates still haven’t condemned Gunn’s intolerance: NDP

THE NDP said on Friday that although the BC Liberal Leadership Committee has rejected Aaron Gunn’s application to join the party’s leadership race, the BC Liberal leadership candidates have refused to do the same.

It pointed out that Gunn holds anti-2SLGBTQ+ views and recently doubled down on his belief that teaching medical students to respect gender identities is “garbage political correctness.” (CKNW, Oct 13 2021, 10:40AM)

Just yesterday, Kevin Falcon said he’d be comfortable with Aaron Gunn joining the leadership race. Michael Lee called for Gunn’s rejection. Ellis Ross called for his approval.

The NDP also noted that no leadership contenders have said if other candidates with anti-2SLGBTQ+ views, like former MLA Laurie Throness and Margaret Kunst (who voted against a rainbow crosswalk), are part of their vision for the party.

Throness defended the practice of “conversion therapy” on 2SLGBTQ+ kids last summer. He was approved to run in 2020 despite his comments.

The BC Liberals’ internal campaign review explained that anti-2SLGBTQ+ views are traditionally permitted in the party because: “There is a belief, correct or otherwise, that alienating socially conservative Christian voters will make it impossible to assemble a winning coalition.”

Aman Singh

NDP MLA Aman Singh said: “I’m glad to see the BC Liberal leadership committee make this decision. But it doesn’t mean anything if the next leader of the BC Liberal Party doesn’t draw a clear line against discrimination. Anyone running for the job should tell British Columbians now if anti-2SLGBTQ+ candidates like Aaron Gunn, Laurie Throness and Margaret Kunst would be welcome in their party.”