BC Nurses’ Union to press charges when nurses are hurt on the job

NURSES deserve better protection from violent and aggressive patients, says BC Nurses’ Union President Gayle Duteil.

Speaking to hundreds of nurses at BCNU’s annual convention, Duteil said on Tuesday, “We have waited too long for the government and health authorities to take action and our nurses have the broken jaws to prove it.”

Duteil announced BCNU will pursue legal action, when authorized by a nurse who has been injured on the job and that will include pressing charges against the attacker. BCNU has also created a new policy which will provide a range of supports for nurses who are physically or psychologically hurt.

“BCNU has requested better security for nurses, including more safety officers and alarm systems. We expect to have a partnership with the health authorities and the ministry of health that will improve the safety of nursing.”

In addition, nurses are challenged to provide safe patient care on a daily basis. In the past six weeks, the BC Nurses’ Union has filed over 4,200 grievances related to violations of the last contract.