CFSEU-BC seizes drugs, firearms, cash and vehicles in investigation into alleged drug trafficking and organized crime

A 10-month-long investigation by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC) into the alleged drug trafficking activities of a crime group operating in the Lower Mainland has resulted in the arrests of several people and the seizure of illegal and potentially deadly drugs, firearms, cash and vehicles.

In July 2020, CFSEU-BC began an investigation into the alleged drug trafficking activities of a drug distribution network with ties to the Lower Mainland gang conflict. CFSEU-BC’s investigation gathered significant evidence on several individuals and took simultaneous enforcement action at multiple locations.

During the investigation a total of eight search warrants were executed on residences in the Vancouver area and five search warrants were executed on vehicles.

The searches resulted in CFSEU-BC seizing a combined:

  • 9.24 kg of fentanyl
  • 4.7 kg of methamphetamine
  • 1 kg of cocaine
  • approximately $130,000 in Canadian cash
  • 1 assault rifle and 6 hand guns
  • 5 vehicles as offence-related property

Of significance is the seizure of over 9 kg of fentanyl.  This equates to, at the very least, what may be approximately 443,520 potential lethal doses of fentanyl off the streets of our communities.

CFSEU-BC spokesperson Sgt. Brenda Winpenny said that also key, during this time of heightened gang violence, was the seizure of multiple firearms which will no longer pose a threat to public safety. The firearms seized will be sent to the Provincial Forensic Firearms Lab, managed by CFSEU-BC, for processing.

A total of five individuals linked to this organized crime/drug trafficking network have been arrested. All of them were released from custody as the investigation continues and investigators begin preparing to seek charge approval for several Criminal Code and drug-related offences.

“While CFSEU-BC and our partner law enforcement agencies’ coordinated and overt gang suppression efforts continue, the public should be aware that numerous specialized enforcement teams are operating in the background,” said CFSEU-BC Superintendent Duncan Pound. “The Operations teams at CFSEU-BC continue to use a wide variety of investigative strategies to gather evidence and take drugs, firearms and dirty cash out of the hands of criminals.”

The CFSEU-BC thanked Vancouver Police and Burnaby RCMP for their help and support in this investigation.