Christy Clark making stuff up about new seats in Surrey schools: NDP

Premier Christy Clark

WHEN Christy Clark gets in trouble, she makes stuff up. And we know that with 7,000 Surrey students in portables, she’s in a lot of trouble with Surrey parents, said the NDP on Saturday.
Trying to dig herself out of the hole she has created after ignoring Surrey students for six years, the NDP said Clark claimed this morning she is “investing in almost 10,000 new seats in schools for children in Surrey.” (video)
There’s a problem with that. Actually, there are at least 4,800 problems with that.
Because the previously promised number in Budget 2017 is “up to 5,200 new seats” over three years. There is no mention of any additional seats in Clark’s platform, noted the NDP.
After years of completely ignoring the need for new schools in Surrey, Clark owes  parents some straight answers, the NDP said.

  • Which number do you stand by?
  • How can parents trust you to deliver a single new seat when you keep making up new numbers?

The NDP said their party leader John Horgan will invest an additional $10 billion over five years in schools, hospitals and other job-creating infrastructure across BC.


  1. Where is that $10B coming from? Cutting tolls, lots of give aways and no plan to replace that money other than increasing our tax load yet again.

    • Rob, unlike Christy and her cronies, the NDP could actually tax the rich and corporations instead of giving them tax breaks all the time and making us “normal” folks pay through the nose. Simple math.

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