City of Vancouver: This summer, let’s all put waste in its place

Disposable cups, packaging account for 20% of large litter items


SUMMER officially begins today (June 21) and the City is asking everyone to do their part in keeping Vancouver clean and to put waste in its place while out enjoying the parks, beaches and public spaces.

As these popular spaces fill up so do the public waste bins. Collection of garbage from public waste bins typically doubles during the summer compared to the rest of the year, notes the City.

In response to the higher seasonal use, City crews increase waste collection and street cleaning across the city, with a focus on high-traffic areas:

  • Setting out additional waste bins in parks and public plazas and increasing the frequency of collection.
  • Increasing street cleaning services in high priority areas, with increased flushing, sweeping and abandoned garbage collection.
  • Increasing micro-cleaning services in public plazas, through the Street Cleaning Grant Program.

Don’t let your waste become litter. Overall, the City’s litter audits show that:

  • Single-use items such as disposable cups and food packaging account for 20% of large litter items
  • Cigarette butts remain the #1 small littered item in the city (1 million per day), accounting for 30% of small littered items
  • Disposable masks have become an increasing litter problem, and now account for 6% of large litter items

“Keeping Vancouver clean and litter-free is a shared responsibility and we are grateful to everyone who does their part to keep public spaces and our parks, beaches, and plazas litter free,” says Albert Shamess, Director, Solid Waste Management and Green Operations. “We all want to enjoy the great outdoors without having to deal with litter so remember to put waste in its place not just in the summer but all year round.”

Follow these simple tips to help keep Vancouver clean and litter free:

  • Don’t let waste become litter: put waste in its place. Walk, bike or roll with waste to the nearest garbage, recycling or organics bin.
  • Avoid single-use items and bring reusable water bottles, travel mugs, cutlery and containers.
  • Use the “Pack-In, Pack-Out” method, especially for large gatherings. Group gatherings often result in excess waste and can quickly overfill waste bins. Bring waste home with you to properly sort and dispose of.
  • Use a pocket ashtray for your cigarette butts until you are close to a waste bin.
  • Use the Zero Waste Stations to sort your waste when you see one.
  • Show love for your neighbourhood by joining the Adopt-A-Block program or hosting a Neighbourhood Cleanup Party to help keep your community clean and vibrant.
  • Notice an overflowing waste bin? Report it via VanConnect and help the City know where adjustments are needed. City crews work around the clock to service over 3,000 public waste bins, multiple times a day. Reporting an overflowing bin helps the City know which locations need additional servicing.

Learn more about the City’s street cleaning and waste collection services or the Put Waste in its Place campaign.


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