Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole announces month-long GST holiday

CONSERVATIVE Leader Erin O’Toole on Tuesday announced a month-long GST holiday to provide pocketbook relief to Canadian families and support local retailers.

“It’s getting harder and harder to afford the basics – food for the family, gas for the car, clothes for the kids,” said O’Toole. “And it will only get harder this fall. As Canadians look forward to getting to spend more time with their families, they also know that the holiday season is an expensive time of year.”

With Canada’s Recovery Plan, Canada’s Conservatives will implement a month-long GST holiday this December. All purchases at retail stores will be tax-free for a month. This will put $1.5 billion back in Canadians’ pockets and will drive increased demand for products sold in store.

Canadians will not need to fill out any onerous applications to qualify for this tax holiday. They will receive the five per cent discount directly on their bill at the checkout when they make their purchase.

“It’s time to give families a break – while helping our small retailers get back on their feet,” said O’Toole. “The GST holiday is part of our detailed plan to lower prices and help families.”

 O’TOOLE also announced his commitment to fund the replacement of the George Massey Tunnel in the Metro Vancouver region.

“For too long, the federal government has left addressing gridlock in Vancouver on the back burner,” said O’Toole. “A Conservative government will immediately move to get shovels in the ground on critical infrastructure projects to create jobs and get the economy moving, and that includes replacing the George Massey Tunnel.”

The Conservatives said that despite having the MP for Delta sitting at the Cabinet table for the entire span of the Justin Trudeau government, no progress has been made on this project.

“For years, Canada’s Conservatives have called for the replacement of the Massey Tunnel, but that call has fallen on deaf ears,” said O’Toole. “I am proud to support the Massey Tunnel replacement project as part of our plan to secure the future and improve the lives of British Columbians.”