Convoy doesn’t speak for Canadian truck drivers: NDP

FEDERAL NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on Thursday issued the following statement about the convoy of truckers opposed to cross-border COVID-19 vaccine mandates who are headed for Ottawa:

“I understand people are frustrated that we’re still in this pandemic. Canadians have all sacrificed so much to keep each other safe. Like many other parents, when I hold my daughter, I think about getting through this safely so that kids can have normalcy again.

“But I’m concerned by the dangerous rhetoric we’ve seen from the convoy. I am concerned by extremist elements that are spreading misinformation and attempting to turn the convoy into a Canadian version of the terrorist attacks on the US Capitol.

“That is not the Canada our children deserve to grow up in.

“I am deeply disturbed by Conservative MPs supporting this convoy and by default adding their support to extremists who wish to subvert the democratic process, incite violence and spread misinformation about expert public health advice.

“The best way out of this is to do what the vast majority of trucker drivers have already done  – get vaccinated and continue to listen to public health experts.

“We still have to have each other’s backs as Canadians and we all have a responsibility not to spread harmful misinformation.
“To the many hardworking, responsible trucker drivers who have worked tirelessly to get Canadians through the pandemic – thank you. Canadians are indebted to you. We see you and we support you.

“And, we know like many Canadians that are vaccinated, that this convoy does not speak for you.

“Vaccines are the best way to ensure our health care systems and health care workers are not overwhelmed and New Democrats continue to urge Canadians to get their shot as soon as possible.”