Country felt absence of Rafale during Balakot strikes: Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses at Construction Technology India 2019, in New Delhi on March 2, 2019. (Photo: IANS)

New Delhi (IANS): In a strong attack on the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the results of air strikes on Pakistan “would have been different” had Rafale fighter jets been procured earlier and accused the opposition party of first worrying about “self-interest” and later doing politics over it.

In wake of the bombing of the Jaish-e-Mohammad training camp at Balakot in Pakistan, Modi also said that no one can dare raise a finger against India and it is pursuing new policies and new traditions.

Attacking the Congress which has been campaigning against the Modi government on the Rafale deal, he said “the country is feeling the absence of Rafale. If there was Rafale with us, the result probably would have been different”.

“First due to politics of self-interest and later due to politics per se, the country has suffered a lot,” he said at the India Today conclave here, in a reference to the Congress-led UPA government’s delay in acquiring the Rafale fighter jet.

Lashing out at the opposition, he said that “their hatred for Modi has become a hatred for the nation”. He said at a time when the entire world is with India on countering terrorism, some people were raising doubts about the armed forces.

“Their remarks are being used as proof against India (in Pakistan). These people have come down to opposing the country in their opposition to Modi,” he said, adding that many Modis would come and go but the nation remains.

He asked the political parties not to weaken the country for their political gains.

Modi said the country was decisive and bold due to hard work of 125 crore Indians and his government has ended the days of “deals and doles.”

He said “a sense of fear has been put in the hearts of enemies both inside and outside the country” because of his government’s actions.

“Today, the environment that has been created, this fear is good. If the enemies of the nation feel the fear of bravery of the nation, it is good. If the masters of terrorism feel the fear of the bravery of the armed forces, it is good.

“If the fugitives have fear of their property being seized, it is good. If with Mamaji (alleged AgustaWestland deal middleman Christian Mitchel) speaking, big families get rattled, then this fear is good. If the corrupt have fear of going to jail, it is good. If the corrupt have fear of law, it is good,” he said.

Modi said the new India is forging ahead on the basis of its resources and confidence and his government was committed to take all decisions in the best interests of the country.