Crown says Jonathan Bacon’s murder led to conspiracies to murder Duhre and Dhak

A B.C. Supreme Court jury this week heard that the 2011 murder of Jonathan Bacon in Kelowna led to Larry Amero, Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil, and Dean Wiwchar conspiring to murder Sandip Duhre and Sukh Dhak.

Amero, Alkhalil and Wiwchar pleaded not guilty to conspiring to murder Duhre and Dhak. Wiwchar and Alkhalil pleaded not guilty to the murder of Duhre.

The trial is expected to run six months.

Crown counsel told the jury that Bacon and Amero were in a Porsche Cayenne that was fired at outside the Delta Grand Hotel in Kelowna in August 2011. Amero was seriously injured.

Larry Amero
Photo courtesy CBC

The prosecution theorizes that Amero, Alkhalil and Wiwchar of the Wolf Pack group were in conflict with a group that Dhak and Duhre belonged to and the Kelowna shooting was a “significant and galvanizing event” that led to retaliation, as encrypted BlackBerry messages will show.

Crown counsel told the jury that from those BlackBerrys, which were seized by police from Wiwchar and from Alkhalil’s residence, which he shared with Amero, police learned about the murder plots.

Duhre’s murder will form the first part of the trial, the prosecutor said. Duhre was shot in Café One Restaurant at Vancouver’s Sheraton Wall Centre. The shooter, with his face partially covered, walked straight to the restaurant. He shot Duhre multiple times and walked away briskly. A waitress who was serving Duhre was only metres behind the shooter.

Sandip Duhre’s body on the floor of Vancouver’s Café One Restaurant. (Photo: CBC screengrab)

The shooter was not directly identified. Police found evidence that Wiwchar was the shooter and that Alkhalil was at the scene as a spotter.

Lawyers for Amero, Alkhalil and Wiwchar told the jury that their clients were not guilty of the offences.

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(Information from reports by Vancouver Sun’s Keith Fraser)