Desi Entertainment and Khukhrana Cultural Group’s third annual Elite Bhangra Competition

Elite Bhangra Competition  SurreyDESI Entertainment and Khukhrana Cultural Group had a thrilling annual Elite Bhangra Competition at Surrey’s Bell Arts Centre.

Junior teams: Shan-e Nachden Punjabi, Shan-e Golden Boys, Nachdi Jawani (Calgary), Bhangra Avenue, Vehre Diyan Raunkan (Kohinoor Folk Arts Club) ,Young Bhangra (Calgary), East West Collaboration (BC Cultural), Nakhra Punjaban Da (Kohinoor Folk Arts Club).

Elite Bhangra Competition  SurreySenior teams: UFV Bhangra, Taur Mitran Di Bhangra, South Asian, BCC Bhangra, Phulkari.
Live teams: Kohinoor Ninjas, PFA Bhangra, Surrey India Arts Club, Mastena Dhol, Punjab Folk Academy (BC Cultural).

The results:

First: Surrey India Arts Club
Second: Punjabi Folk Academy
Third: Kohinoor Ninjas

Elite Bhangra Competition  SurreySenior:
First: Shan-e Punjab Phulkari
Second: Panj Bhangra (Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi)
Third: BCC Bhangra

First: Vehre Diyan Ronkan (Kohinoor Folk Arts)
Second: Shan-e Punjab Golden Boys
Third: East West Collaboration

Very soon they will be having a Live Bhangra and Giddha Competition in Abbotsford.
For more info, call 778-241-2148.


  1. Congratulations to all the winning teams. These kind of events and competitions are very useful to save the old traditions and culture. Because of such event organized by the various organizations, Punjabi Bhangra will continue to thrive.

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