Doug McCallum: ‘I stand in solidarity with Sikh and Punjabi community in their call for justice and answers’

FORMER Surrey mayor Doug McCallum in a statement on behalf of Safe Surrey Coalition in response to recent developments surrounding the tragic assassination of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, as well as the links to the Indian government, said: “I stand in solidarity with the Sikh and Punjabi community in their call for justice and answers.”

McCallum noted that Surrey is home to one of the largest Indo-Canadian diasporas in Canada, and added that he wants to ensure that the Sikh community, in particular, feels safe in their own country.

He expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family of Hardeep Singh Nijjar and acknowledged the profound loss and the deeply distressing circumstances that have shaken the community. “This is a somber moment for our city,” he said.

McCallum said that if these links to the Indian government are confirmed, they would represent a serious infringement on Canada’s sovereignty. He emphasized, “Our nation must ensure the safety of its citizens, safeguarding them from extrajudicial acts, particularly those involving foreign governments. Canadians have a right to be secure on Canadian soil.”

He called upon the Indian government to engage in a thorough and transparent investigation into this tragic incident. He asserted: “The truth surrounding the assassination, including the identities of those responsible and any potential collaborators, must come to light. We must work collectively to uncover the facts.”

Highlighting the importance of unity during these challenging times, McCallum appealed for calm and solidarity among all Canadians. He said: “We are a diverse, strong, and united nation. It is crucial that we come together to condemn this act of violence, support the grieving family, and stand up for the principles of the rule of law – one law that applies equally to all Canadians.”

McCallum said: “Our country, our home, is built on values of justice, fairness, and inclusivity. Let us uphold these values, ensuring that they prevail even in the face of adversity.”


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