MP Tracey Ramsey also endorses federal NDP leadership hopeful Jagmeet Singh

Tracy Ramsey

TRACEY Ramsey, MP for Essex, and the NDP Critic for International Trade, on Thursday announced her endorsement of Jagmeet Singh’s bid to lead the federal NDP.

The endorsement comes just days after Brian Masse, MP for Windsor West, and the NDP Critic for both Great Lakes and Innovation, Science and Economic Development, also endorsed Jagmeet Singh.

“We have a tremendous opportunity in this race to choose a leader with the energy and ability to inspire Canadians and grow our NDP family. To do that, we’ll need a leader who is inclusive and will build our party from the ground up. A leader who is positive and inspires others to expect better from our elected representatives. Someone who can bring us together in the fight for social, economic and environmental justice,” said Ramsey. “I’m supporting Jagmeet Singh, because he is that leader.”

Jagmeet Singh
Photo by Vinnie Combow

Ramsey also noted: “Jagmeet is already leading our party in a renewal of our social democratic roots. He has been traveling across our country listening to Canadians, engaging and energizing them, and building an amazing grassroots organizing operation.” She went on to say: “Rooms full of people across Canada are calling, texting and signing up people by the thousands to vote for Jagmeet as our leader. That’s inspiring. And it’s just the beginning.”

Ramsey added: “With 20 proud years as a unionized autoworker in Southwestern Ontario, I know there is a lot of important work that needs to be done in order to ensure that working class people have a voice. As International Trade Critic, I also know that we need a strong, progressive voice going into NAFTA renegotiations to make that happen. Canadians are worried about their jobs, and Jagmeet has consistently stood in solidarity with workers and fought back against a system that has created huge wage and work insecurity. His Better Work Agenda is exactly what people are fighting for – better work, better pay and a better future.”

Jagmeet Singh said: “I’m so grateful to have Tracey Ramsey’s support. She is a lifelong champion of workers and in Parliament has been a strong advocate for economic justice for all Canadians. With her knowledge on trade, and her deep roots in our party’s union base, Tracey will be an invaluable part of our team.”