SIT probing 1984 riots cases examined 1,000 witnesses: Indian government

Anti-Sikh riots in New Delhi in 1984.

New Delhi (PTI): More than 1,000 witnesses in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots cases were examined by a Special Investigation Team (SIT), which also filed charge sheets in four cases, the Rajya Sabha was informed on Wednesday.

The SIT, set up by the central government for re-investigation of the 1984 Sikh riots cases, has scrutinised records of 293 cases and after scrutiny, a total 60 cases were re-opened for further investigation.

“Out of these 60 cases, charge sheet has been filed in four cases, 51 cases have been closed after conducting further investigation and further investigation in five cases is under progress. The SIT has examined more than 1,000 witnesses in different states in the country,” Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir said.

He said there was no delay on the part of the SIT in completing the investigation. The records are very old hence, after constant follow up with different agencies, large part of the records could be traced out.

“As the records are very old, they are also in very bad shape. Several records are in Urdu language, which had to be translated. Several complainants and witnesses who had to be examined could be located with great difficulty as they had shifted their homes, some were migrated to foreign countries,” he said.

Ahir said the SIT has published public notices in 11 leading newspapers at four different occasions in Hindi, English and Punjabi language in Delhi, Chandigarh and Punjab.

In these notices, SIT has requested individuals, group of persons, associations, institutions and organisations acquainted with the facts of the case to give evidence/depose about the same so as to facilitate further investigation.

The details of these cases were also uploaded on the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs to give wide publicity.

“The outcome of the investigation has been conveyed to the complainants or their legal heirs by the SIT. The progress of the work of the SIT is being monitored by the MHA on regular basis,” he said.