Exodus: Gods and Kings (PG) ***

The Chosen One!


IMG_2224Can’t get enough of that old time religion. Rejoice. Twice is the lucky number as blockbuster director Ridley Scott (Gladiator) returns to his biblical roots to deliver for us Exodus: Gods and Kings. Smart direction and the classic tale is given Justice from 20th Century Fox now exploring and exposing the truth at Cineplex Odeon entertainment arenas across B.C.

Handsome Christian Bale (The Dark Knight) ditches his patented Cape and cowl for more comfortable (?) sandals as Moses in this sand saga that’s long on special visual effects with a distinctly familiar storyline. That doesn’t matter but what does matter is that Moses packs quite a punch. Watch his transformation from being an insider to the throne of an ailing Egyptian Pharoah to an outsider marked for death.

Religion and its effect on others is at the heart of this 150 minute telling tale. Perfect as Rhamses, the evil ruler of Egypt is Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby). Conflicts galore follow Moses whose own mysterious past plays havoc with his friends and foes. Superior sets and what looks likes a cast of thousands give this movie credibility. Here the struggle is all about brutality and revenge with God’s wrath brilliantly depicted.

Hebrew scholars and those into all ancient things will find Exodus: Gods and Kings a well made honest reflection on a difficult period In history. Rousing chariot chases and some deep, dark family secrets means this blockbuster hits the mark though the use of 3-D may have not been that necessary.

By Robert Waldman