Fake media news against Jaspal Atwal goes on as report by MPs and senators is released


Jaspal with Trudeau before he became PM.

THE credibility of mainstream media and politicians keeps declining as their fake news keeps on exposing their distortions and biases and even outright lies.

The latest in the Jaspal Atwal drama that has been dragging on since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s India visit earlier this year is the report by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians that states: “The RCMP had information that Mr. Atwal had a serious criminal record and a history of involvement in violent acts, issues which should have been identified as security risks to the Prime Minister and his delegation. The RCMP recognizes that it erred in not providing that information to the Prime Minister’s Protective Detail.”

Trudeau spent time with Jaspal (see photo) in B.C. even before he became Prime Minister and there has never been a security threat or risk to Trudeau. Maybe the politicians should have taken care to read what The VOICE wrote back in February, exposing the fake media attack led by two mainstream journalists whose biases are well-known. The ignorant (mainly white) mainstream media journalists just end up copying one another’s stories because they really do not know what’s going on in the South Asian and other so-called ethnic communities.

In my story titled, “Jaspal Atwal no longer on Indian government’s blacklist: India’s Home Ministry,” I wrote: “The incorrect or distorted facts were fed by Atwal’s rivals and enemies in the South Asian community who grabbed at this opportunity [Atwal posing with Trudeau’s wife at a function in Mumbai during their visit to India] to try and embarrass and harm him. The sensational reports by mainstream media in Canada (that were then picked up by the Indian media without proper verification) is a black mark against them (as US President Donald Trump would say: “fake media”!) Many kept calling Atwal a “Khalistani terrorist” instead of a “FORMER Khalistani terrorist” and omitted the fact that he’s actually been anti-Khalistan for a long time now.”

I also wrote at the time:

THE Indian government has made it clear that Atwal [now a Punjabi radio personality] no longer figures on the Home Ministry’s blacklist of Sikh extremists.
Atwal alleged that as a young, vulnerable man in the 1980s, he had been misled by “Khalistanis” to carry out the attack on visiting Punjabi cabinet minister Malkiat Singh Sidhu on Vancouver Island in 1986. Atwal was convicted for the shooting. At the time, he was a member of the International Sikh Youth Federation.
Since then, Atwal said he had actually been talking against “Khalistanis” on the radio. He alleged that they were now trying to malign him, but he had nothing to fear because he was not involved in any way in any separatist movement. In fact, he opposed them vehemently.
He said he was not afraid of all the propaganda that his enemies had launched against him, using the mainstream media. They didn’t realize that he had been cleared by the Indian government.
The Indian news agency, PTI, reports: “The central government time-to-time reviews the blacklist of the Sikh extremists taking into account intelligence inputs and activities of the persons concerned, a home ministry official said.
“Names of nearly 150 wanted terrorists and their associates were removed from the blacklist in the last few years, the official said.
“”Atwal’s name no longer figures in the current blacklist,” the official said.
“The review of the blacklist is always done in consultation with the Punjab government and central security agencies.
“Most of the persons whose names have been deleted from the wanted list are believed to be currently based in countries like Pakistan, the US, Canada, Norway, France and Germany.”
The PTI report was carried by all major newspapers in India.


SO what can anybody do when the fake media KEEPS REPEATING their distortions and biases and even outright lies – just to get a sensational story and increase their revenue that has been steadily declining because Canadians don’t trust them anymore?
Now they are shamelessly begging for more FREE FUNDS from the government to save them – all that money comes from the TAXPAYERS!




  1. The Indian Government was NOT angry about Atwal’s presence at Trudeau’s functions. They were angry at what they see as the Liberal party’s “softness” towards pro-Khalistan elements in Canada, even though there is freedom of expression in Canada (as there is in India, too). They know that some Indo-Canadian MPs’ families have had involvement with the Khalistan movement in the past and are suspicious of their motives.
  2. The Indian Government is aware that Atwal has been anti-Khalistani for a long time and his name was removed from their blacklist much before Trudeau’s visit to India. Atwal’s Indo-Canadian enemies in Canada were not aware of this and when they found out that he was in India at the time of Trudeau’s visit, they contacted two mainstream media journalists in Canada whose bias is well-known because they thought Atwal would be arrested in India for being there illegally.
  3. The twisted and inaccurate reporting by the two Canadian journalists was as usual copied by other Canadian journalists because they have very limited sources in ethnic communities. That kind of reporting spiralled out of control, leading to a ridiculous frenzy. Ignorant Canadian politicians took advantage of that to score points against Trudeau and the Liberals.
  4. Atwal did not just land up at the Mumbai function – he was invited by a Liberal MP. Several other MPs also asked him to attend because they knew that he posed NO security threat to anyone. The Indian government had NOTHING to do with Atwal’s attendance. The ignorant Canadian officials with the PM did not know how to handle the situation once the Canadian media went crazy with their biased, inaccurate reporting, so in a very slimy manner they tried to plant stories accusing the Indian Government of planting Atwal at the PM’s function.