Fearless South Asian grandmother confronts and chases out three home invaders in Burnaby

Screen grabs – courtesy CTV

BURNABY RCMP are looking for three suspects after a home invasion in which a South Asian grandmother in her 80s chased them out her front door.

Her grandson told CTV News that three people in hoodies kicked in the front door on Sunday around 10:45 p.m. He ran out the washroom when he heard the kicking and saw one of the intruders in the living room at the top of the stairs. The suspect attacked him with pepper spray and he fell down.

The home invaders then went through the rooms looking for items. His sister-in-law escaped out of the back of the home and called 911.

His grandmother chased the intruders and shouted at them to get out. The surveillance video shows her confronting them outside the front door.

The suspects fled on foot, but Burnaby RCMP, who brought in a K-9 unit, drew a blank.