Risk of brush fires high, help us prevent them: City of Surrey

WITH the dry conditions in the City of Surrey, the potential for brush and grass fires has increased significantly. In just the past 10 days the Surrey Fire Service has responded to 59 brush and grass fires bringing the total to 203 such calls since May 1. The majority of these fires have been carelessly caused by discarded cigarettes and could have been easily prevented.

The City of Surrey Fire Service, Parks and Bylaws will be taking the following steps to educate the public about the fire risk and if necessary enforce in order to reduce the risk:

  • Fire risk signage will be posted near parks and some fire halls. These signs show the current fire risk rating.
  • Safety patrols within our parks looking for anyone burning, smoking, or camping.
  • Mapping locations of known camping areas for regular inspection.
  • Handing out fire safety brochures at or near City of Surrey parks.

Follow these simple rules to enjoy the hot weather and help prevent brush / grass fires:

  • NEVER dispose of cigarette butts out vehicle windows or on the ground – it is a ticketable offence.  Any burning or smoking related offences carry a fine of $200.
  • There is no burning, smoking or camping permitted in City of Surrey parks.
  • Open burning / backyard fires are not allowed in the City of Surrey.
  • Charcoal barbeques are prohibited in City Parks and on City Beaches.

City of Surrey By-law Officers and Firefighters are on duty seven days a week.

  • If you see a fire – dial 911.
  • For any by-law related issue contact 604-591-4370.