Fraser Valley’s top wanted offenders include Arjun Sandhu

THE Abbotsford Police Department continues to seek the Fraser Valley’s top wanted offenders.  Some of these offenders have evaded arrest for over a year.  If you have information about any of these individuals, or know of their whereabouts, call 9-1-1.

  1. Roman Savoie, 36: He was located in a stolen vehicle in Abbotsford.  Wanted for breach of probation. (AbbyPD file: 2014-45691)
  1. Joseph Wojtczak, 31: He was located in a stolen vehicle in Abbotsford (vehicle stolen out of Kelowna).  Wanted for breach of probation. (AbbyPD file: 2020-11717)
  1. Jennifer Weston, 40: – She used a bank card that was stolen from an 80-year-old female victim.  Wanted for possession/use of a stolen credit card and possession of stolen property. (AbbyPD file: 2020-7013)
  1. Sara Brown, 36: She has outstanding arrest warrants for the dangerous operation of a vehicle, of breach of a release Order, obstructing a peace officer, possession of stolen property, driving while prohibited, and various charges related to identity theft. (AbbyPD file: 2020-48742 & 2020-38354)
  1. Alfredo Gabriel-Fincaryk, 26: He is wanted in connection with multiple break-and-enters to commercial properties where over $50,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. Arrestable for three counts of break and enter and breach of a release order. (AbbyPD file: 2019-50291)
  1. Arjun Sandhu, 20: He is wanted for assaulting a young woman, and uttering threats to kill and hurt to kill the victim and another woman.  Due to the nature of these offences, he is of particular interest to the Abbotsford Police Department Domestic Violence Unit detectives. (AbbyPD file: 2019-52816)
  1. Matthew Nicholls, 38: An arrest warrant has been issued for him for charges related to nine offences, including break and enter, prohibited driving and breach of his probation order. (AbbyPD file: 2020-14130)
  1. Ryan Easton, 44: During an argument, he punched a young woman in the face, choked her and pointed a firearm at the victim and others.  He is wanted for counts including breaches of his release order and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. (AbbyPD files: 2021-753, 2020-47244 and2020-45596)
  1. Mark Glynn, 38: He is wanted for auto theft, driving while prohibited and has breached seven court-imposed conditions. (AbbyPD files: 2020-23194 and 2020-44726)
  1. Timothy “Timbo” Myers, 38: He assaulted a young woman, choking her during the attack. He is wanted for breaching court orders, assault by choking and mischief, and is another person of interest to the Abbotsford Police Department Domestic Violence Unit detectives. (AbbyPD file: 2020-25198)