Funds collected to send body of student who drowned in Cultus Lake to India

A GoFundMe page set up for international student Manpreet Singh, 22, who drowned in Chilliwack’s Cultus Lake last Saturday, had collected more than $37,000 from over 900 donors by Wednesday. His cousin, Jagpal Singh of Ottawa, who set up the GoFundMe account, thanked everyone and announced: “I have organized enough to send his body to India, but I am still running this campaign to help his family to get out of this hard time.”

He added: “Even a little from you can help. Please donate even a little if you can. If anyone wants to contact me they can contact me at 3439888527, and 2367884224, (my brother in Surrey who is taking care of all other things) and if someone wants to see his family they can contact his sister 9646205904 back home. So nobody can think it’s fake they can double check by contacting his family.”

Manpreet Singh was a student at Surrey’s Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU).

 GoFundMe page:

According to a news report, Manpreet Singh was in the lake with friends who were wading in chest-high water when he and another person apparently went down a drop-off. A bystander who saw what was happening, dived into the water and saved his friend, but Manpreet Singh couldn’t be rescued. Divers were called in and they finally found his body.

Gagandeep Singh Khalsa

Meanwhile, news reports from Calgary said that the body of 23-year-old Gagandeep Singh Khalsa, who fell in the waters of North Saskatchewan River while hiking last weekend just north of the Lake Louise area had yet to be found. His friends said that he had climbed onto some rocks to pose for a photo and lost his footing. He had been in Canada for the past four years and was attending Bow Valley College in the medical office assistant program. He also had a job and used to send money to his parents in Punjab.   


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