Grants to prevent crime, create safer communities

INDIVIDUALS experiencing gender-based violence, Indigenous communities healing from intergenerational traumas, and communities and families dealing with gun and gang violence will benefit from $11.8 million in grants to support community-based crime prevention and remediation initiatives, the Province announced on Monday.

In total, 267 projects – led by community not-for-profits, school districts and others – will receive a one-time grant through the Civil Forfeiture Crime Prevention and Remediation grant program.

“Taking the proceeds of crime and putting them back into our communities is just one of the many ways we’re enhancing the services that people count on,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. “These grants support programs that make our communities safer, including those that prevent domestic violence, deter youth from engaging in a life of crime, and help people rebuild and heal from trauma.”

Community programs and services that support individuals experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault, along with programs that target the prevention and intervention of domestic violence, are receiving more than $3.5 million in total. The remaining grants will help fund community initiatives that address crime prevention, support child and youth advocacy centres, address Indigenous healing and rebuilding, enhance restorative justice and target human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

“Living with domestic and sexual violence is the reality for far too many people in our communities – hurting the most vulnerable people. Too many women and children live through abuse and far too many die from it,” said Mitzi Dean, Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity. “Civil forfeiture grants are critical to supporting the work of our community partners and front-line workers who are doing the work every day to protect and support survivors of violence.”

The Civil Forfeiture Office continues to undermine the profit motive behind criminal activity by taking away tools and proceeds of crime and putting them back into programs that support community safety and crime prevention.

Quick Facts:

* Since 2011, the Crime Prevention and Remediation grant program has provided more than $49 million to help organizations throughout B.C. to further their crime prevention and remediation efforts.

* This year, the Crime Prevention and Remediation grant program has awarded just over $11.8 million in grants for 267 projects that will help support government priorities in:
* crime prevention;

* violence against women – sexual assault and domestic violence;

* human trafficking, sexual exploitation and vulnerable women in the sex trade;

* Indigenous healing and rebuilding;

* restorative justice;

* domestic violence prevention/intervention programming; and

* child and youth advocacy centres.

For the full list of 2019-20 grant recipients, visit: