How B.C. Liberals operate: Insider won contracts from agency he led!

THE NDP on Wednesday revealed that well-connected Liberal insider Larry Blain won $219,000 worth of public contract work from Partnerships B.C. while he was also serving as the chair of Partnerships B.C., according to documents they obtained.

“It stinks,” said John Horgan, leader of B.C.’s New Democrats. “Mr. Blain was entrusted with leading a public agency that spent the public’s money. And that agency discovered that the only person who can do this work is Mr. Blain himself? How convenient!”

Blain’s consultancy, Aardvark Insights, also performed work for B.C. Hydro through Partnerships B.C. in late 2011. During that time, he was also a director of B.C. Hydro.

Between 2003 and 2010, Blain was paid nearly $4 million as the CEO of Partnerships B.C. As chair, he billed $188,836 in fees and expenses. Blain also served on the boards of the Transportation Investment Corporation, Powerex, and BC Hydro, which paid him $264,000 for his services over the same time. Between his director’s fees and expenses and his Partnerships B.C. consulting contracts, Blain received $621,000 from taxpayers over four years all while wearing many different hats.

“Mr. Blain has taken home an astonishing amount of taxpayers’ money,” said Horgan. “I think any British Columbian would be appalled at how much of it was awarded to him by an agency he was in charge of.”