IN PHOTOS: Truck catches fire at Scott Road and 96 Avenue in Surrey

This photo is by SARAH WADDACOR



  1. Me my brother and his friend were walking down to head to shell gas station, and boom we see that burnt down truck. I was worried, I heard the ambulance from my room like 4 hours before that, and was curious about what was happening. My brother and his best friend had a basketball game and my dad drops us off by an apartment complex behind shell gas station. As we were walking to cross the street past shell we didn’t notice the truck at first because we were talking and had our minds on getting food at Wendy’s, then went to Subway to get me some food. My brother said “Aye lets head to shell I wanna a drink at shell.” So we went there, and as we cross the road to go to shell we see this big burnt down truck. Then in my head I was like “Oh, so that’s what happened with all the ambulances and fire trucks, I hope the driver was okay.” Anyways that was all that I saw. I’m so glad the driver is okay and safe.

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