Justin Trudeau condemns recent acts of vandalism against Alberta mosque and in Toronto


FEDERAL Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau on Saturday said that the defacing of the mosque in Cold Lake, Alberta, was completely unacceptable, as was the defacing of campaign materials belonging to candidates for the municipal election in Toronto.

He added; “The vandals who carried out these acts are criminals and cowards, and their actions run counter to basic Canadian values and rights embodied in and protected by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

He noted: “However, as we saw on Wednesday, in Canada the negative actions of very few are quickly overwhelmed by courage, positivity, and neighbourly grace. Many Canadians openly condemned these despicable acts, and as Liberals we support them and add our voices to theirs. It was especially heartening to see so many residents of Cold Lake come out to help repair and clean up the mosque.

“That is what the Canadian spirit looks like.

“Our collective acceptance and love of one another will continue to define us through every challenge we face together as Canadians. As I said earlier this week, the best response to Wednesday’s horrible and tragic events in Ottawa is to be who we are, and to stay true to our values.”