B.C. Liberals Coleman and de Jong hiding from money laundering debate: NDP

Doug Routley

THE B.C. Liberals should answer for turning a blind eye to mounting evidence of money laundering in casinos while they were in government, said Doug Routley, MLA for Nanaimo-North Cowichan, on Tuesday.

“There are mounting questions for Rich Coleman and Mike de Jong in particular,” said Routley. “Why did they turn a blind eye? Why did they shut down a task force just as evidence was building?”

During a debate on Monday in the legislature regarding alleged money laundering in casinos, Routley said, “The implications for anyone — anyone — who allowed this to happen, who knew it was happening and took no action…That defines the [previous] government’s response to this.”

“Rich Coleman and Mike de Jong were the ministers who ‘handled’ this file, but where are they now?” said Routley outside the House. “They didn’t show up for the debate in the legislature and they’re hiding from reporters who want to ask them questions.”                Routley said people in B.C. deserve better, and finished his statement by promising answers from the New Democrat government.

“We can’t allow this to happen and look the other way. This government won’t. This government is investigating.”

The debate in the legislature can be seen here.