Jaswal Atwal to address mainstream media on Trudeau’s India visit controversy

Jaspal Atwal

AFTER having been subjected to all kinds of distorted allegations and even lies in regard to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s India visit last month, media personality Jaspal Atwal of Surrey, will be meeting with members of the mainstream media to deal with this controversy.

His lawyer, Rishi T. Gill, said in the invitation to mainstream media that Jaspal “has been the subject of an extensive amount of media attention and commentary with respect to his attendance at a reception for the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Atwal will be making himself available, with counsel, in order to provide a statement and answer press inquiries with respect to this matter” on Thursday, March 8 at 10 a.m. downtown Vancouver.


From voiceonline.com story:

A Canadian official told the Canadian media in New Delhi in a briefing arranged by the Prime Minister’s Office that “Atwal poses no security risk and no longer has any known ties to extremist causes. His invitation was withdrawn, however, because of the diplomatic nightmare it posed to Trudeau, who has spent much of this trip trying to assure the Indian government that Canada does not support Sikh separatism and will do whatever it can to rout out extremist elements if there is any evidence they exist,” according to a Canadian Press report.

Interestingly, the CP story also said: “Many incorrect facts were fed to various media outlets to push the story, the official said.”

The incorrect or distorted facts were fed by Atwal’s rivals and enemies in the South Asian community who grabbed at this opportunity to try and embarrass and harm him. The sensational reports by mainstream media in Canada (that were then picked up the Indian media without proper verification) is a black mark against them (as US President Donald Trump would say: “fake media”!) Many kept calling Atwal a “Khalistani terrorist” instead of a “FORMER Khalistani terrorist” and omitted the fact that he’s actually been anti-Khalistan for a long time now.