Mandeep Grewal, brother of slain gangster Gavinder Grewal, shot dead in Abbotsford (updated 4 p.m. Friday)

POLICE sources tell The VOICE that the person shot on Thursday night in Abbotsford is Mandeep Grewal (NOT Manvir Grewal), a brother of slain gangster Gavinder Grewal, who was found dead in his North Vancouver apartment with injuries consistent with homicide on December 23, 2017.

Gavinder Singh Grewal

Integrated Homicide Investigation Team Cpl. Frank Jang said on Friday afternoon: “This was a brazen shooting in a public area. We are fortunate that no one else was harmed. We believe our victim was targeted for murder and that this incident is linked to the ongoing gang conflict in the Lower Mainland.”

But he refused to disclose the victim’s name, stating: “Investigators have identified the victim, however, his name is not being released as it will not further the investigation at this time.  The victim’s family has been notified of his death.”

But some police sources as well sources in the community had told The VOICE earlier that Mandeep Grewal was not involved in this conflict and they were baffled at his murder. It could also explain the reason why IHIT took so long to call a press conference on Friday; perhaps, it had to probe deeper into the incident.

Manvir Singh Grewal
Photo: Surrey RCMP

That is perhaps also the reason that the third brother, Manvir Grewal of Coquitlam, who is well known to police, was rumoured to be the victim on Thursday night. Indeed, Surrey RCMP had in late July of 2017 cautioned the public against interaction with Manvir Grewal and four other individuals who had been the targets of shots-fired incidents at the time.

Mandeep Grewal is the 14th South Asian to be murdered this year in the Lower Mainland area. None of the murders has been solved.

On Friday, IHIT requested public assistance to advance its investigation into the homicide.

On Thursday (October 18) at approximately 6:43 p.m., the Abbotsford Police received a report of shots fired outside a business plaza in the 32000-block of South Fraser Way.  When police arrived, they found a man with gunshot wounds.  Despite the best efforts of emergency first responders, the victim succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at scene.  IHIT was called in and took conduct of the investigation.

IHIT Cpl. Frank Jang
Photo by JAY SHARMA of Mahi Photo Studio

IHIT said it continues to work closely with its partners, including the Abbotsford Police Department and the B.C. Coroners Service to gather evidence.

Immediately after the shooting, a dark-coloured vehicle left the area of the shooting at a high rate of speed.  IHIT detectives are seeking dash cam video from drivers who were travelling in the area of the 32000-block of South Fraser Way, before and after the shooting.

Investigators would also like to speak with anyone with information about a grey Infiniti sedan that was found burning in the 6600-block of 238 Street in Langley at about 7 p.m. on the same evening.  This vehicle is believed to be associated to the earlier shooting.  Drivers with dash cam video who passed through this area at this time are asked to contact IHIT immediately.

According to TV news coverage on Thursday night, a large area outside the CIBC bank on South Fraser Way near Cedar Park Place was cordoned off by police. The victim was shot just inside or just outside the bank that was open at the time, according to one report.

Anyone with information is asked to call the IHIT information line at 1-877-551- IHIT (4448), or by email at

Should you wish to remain anonymous, please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


One of two suspects in Gavinder Grewal’s murder.
Photos: IHIT

LAST June, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) announced that it had gathered significant evidence and was looking to identify individuals involved in Gavinder Grewal’s murder. Surveillance footage identified two vehicles that investigators believe are associated to the murder of Grewal.

The killer or killers apparently managed to get into the building from the front door and then went up the stairwell as access to any floor requires a card. CTV showed the broken lock on the stairwell door and the broken door handle lying on the floor where the victim lived. Police had collected fingerprints from that area.

Second suspect in Gavinder Grewal’s murder.

Grewal was known to police and associated to gang activity. Investigators believe Grewal’s murder was targeted and linked to other gang violence in the Lower Mainland.

Back in March 2015, Abbotsford Police had issued what they called “an important public safety notification” warning the public about three men it believed posed “a risk of significant.harm” to the safety of the community and anyone who may associate with them.  The three men were involved in an ongoing conflict and a criminal lifestyle that included violence, drugs, and weapons. Police released their photos in an unusual move.

One of the three was Grewal, who police said had a criminal conviction for extortion and possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking. He was prohibited from possessing firearms.

In June 2016, almost six years after the crime, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team announced that Gavinder Grewal, then 29, and Jason Himpfen, then 41, had been arrested and charged in the July 2010 homicide of Mandy Johnson and the attempted murder of Gator Browne in Abbotsford. Grewal was charged with manslaughter in relation to Johnson as well as the attempted murder of Browne. Himpfen was charged with second-degree murder in relation to Johnson and the attempted murder of Browne.

The other 13 South Asians killed in 2018

* January:

Sachdeep Dhoot, 18, of Surrey: Last seen on January 9, body found in Vancouver on January 18. Vancouver Police said it appeared to be a targeted murder.

* January 19:

Lovepreet Singh Dhaliwal (Jason), 24, of Abbotsford. Police said he was trying to leave a criminal lifestyle.

* January 27:

Kalwinder Thind, 23, of Richmond, an innocent victim who died outside a downtown Vancouver nightclub on Granville Street while trying to break up a fight.

* February 15:

Kaminder Rai, 32, of Surrey, a realtor who was killed in Vancouver.

* March 9:

Pardip Brar, 23, of Delta, who was killed in Surrey. He was known to police.

* April 26:

Amin Vinepal, 24, of Delta, whose body was found in Surrey. He was known to police.

* June 4:

Jaskarn Singh Jhutty (Jason), 16, and Jaskaran Singh Bhangal (Jesse), 17, both of Surrey. The Frank Hurt Secondary School students’ bodies with gunshot wounds were found on a roadside.

* July:

Sukhpreet Grewal, 32, of Abbotsford, whose body was found inside a home on July 20. He was known to police.

* August 4:

Gagandeep Singh Dhaliwal, 19, of Abbotsford. He was known to police.

* August 19:

Lakhwinder Singh Bal, 48, of Surrey. He was known to police.

* October 2:

Varinderpal Singh Gill, 19, was shot dead in Mission. Abbotsford Police had issued a public warning about him on August 15.

* October 11

Sumeet Randhawa, 30, of Surrey, who was known to police, was shot dead.


  1. Desi kaum took a major hit. The Grewal family had 3 children, 2 which did gang activities where as this one (mandeep) had no criminal record and was not a gangster. if anything, he probably helped his brothers to do some light dirty work. however, a lot of people say Mandeep did not deserve this death because he was innocent and a really nice individual. He was married, and now his wife shall suffer due to the criminal element of the Desi kaum. When will the Desi Kaum wake up? we were told to wake up at the wake up rally in Surrey, but what happened? So many questions and not enough answers. As a Desi Man who tries his best to stay clean, away from drama, and try to live an legal honest living, i still find it difficult to work. I know it is a mental thing, but we all play a role .. we need to spread more awareness and more kindness.

  2. The problem is desi mentality. We have taught our kids to value big houses and BMW’s. Our religion says get rid of ego, pride, greed, anger and lust. But our culture says these are the most important things. We need to start valuing education, spirituality, innovation and business. RIP Mandeep

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