MLA Janet Routledge introduces motion to stand up to white supremacy

Janet Routledge

BURNABY North MLA Janet Routledge on Monday introduced a motion in the B.C. Legislature that the House stand united in its opposition to white supremacy.

Routledge affirmed how important it is to stand up to hate, and work across partisan lines when speaking to the motion, which states “be it resolved that this House stand united in its opposition to white supremacy.”

“We know that white supremacists are becoming bolder here in B.C.,” said Routledge in the House. “What does it mean to say we stand united against white supremacy? For me, it means we politicians need to acknowledge its existence.”

MLAs from all sides spoke in support of the motion.


Watch a video clip of MLA Routledge’s statement in the House. Other speakers include Jagrup BrarRachna SinghMitzi DeanNicholas Simons, and Anne Kang.