Accused: Simranpreet Singh Dhillon
Accused: Simranpreet Singh Dhillon
  1. Simranpreet Dhillon, Sukhraj Chahal, Gurjinder Sodha charged in violent sexual assaults against prostitutes


(This story in May garnered the most hits on our website in 2014)




  1. Sukh Dhaliwal totally thrashes Randeep Sarai in Surrey-Newton by 4,561 votes to 2,221 votes


(This story put up on the website on December 13th night went viral, garnering thousands of hits within 24 hours. It got the second highest hits in 2014!)




  1. Murder victim Mandeepak Chahal’s family wants accused to face a ‘fitting punishment’


(This story posted on our website on November 2 has received thousands of hits. And the story of his murder posted in June received the sixth highest number of hits this year.)





  1. Sher-e-Punjab talk show host wants RCMP to charge kabaddi player who allegedly assaulted him


(This story in September also went viral, receiving the fourth highest number of hits in 2014.)



  1. RCMP say accusation of booze being handed out by Doug McCallum is wrong



(This piece in November received the fifth highest number of hits in 2014.)




  1. 6. 130 to 180 gangs in B.C.: Who are the most powerful? Who are the most dangerous?


(This story on gangs put up on the website in early August keeps on getting hits almost every week. It seems that it has become a standard reference for many people.)




  1. Former president of Brookside Sikh Temple now faces second-degree murder charge. Narinder’s funeral on Sunday


(This story in July generated a great deal of interest – and shock. This murder along with that of another senior, Jaswant Pandher, in November highlighted the issue of domestic violence among seniors.)




  1. Associates of Sandip Duhre and Dhak brothers are still flourishing



(This story, which was posted on our website in February, is another one on gangs that keeps on receiving hits)





  1. SLAM – The Tour: Vancouver audience thrilled in spite of long delay


(This was one of the Top 10 stories of 2014 on our website. The story was updated several times over the months until the show itself.)



  1. Is South Slope of Vancouver headed back to notorious days of Bindy Johal versus Dosanjh brothers type of rivalry?


(This was yet another story on gangs, put up on our website in February, that evoked lot of interest – and still gets hits. We have also done follow-up stories on this situation throughout the year.)




  1. Barj Dhahan forced to bow out of Liberal nomination race, supporters lash out at party


(This recent story – November – was one of the political ones that got one of the highest number of hits.)


  1. Mississauga real estate lawyer Rita Grewal vanishes into thin air – allegedly with $3.5 million


(This piece in November was another hot favorite on the website.)


AND my own personal favourite was:

Two white dudes in turbans rock Brampton!