MP McLeod: Forestry crisis absent from PM’s mandate letter

CATHY McLeod, Conservative Critic for Natural Resources (Forestry and Mining) and MP for Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo, in response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ’s Mandate Letter to Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan, said on Tuesday that it “contains zero references to the forestry crisis devastating communities across the B.C. Interior.”

She added: “This is a shocking insult to the workers, their families and communities dealing with lay-offs and shift cutbacks this holiday season.”

McLeod pointed out: “Further, the Mandate Letter’s few references to forests focus on urban centres. It’s clear that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government will in no way prioritize the needs of rural communities.”

She said: “Minister O’Regan must take immediate action to support the softwood lumber industry, as well as the thousands of forestry workers that have been laid off.

“The Canadian Press described the situation as ‘carnage’, yet silence from the Trudeau Liberals has been deafening. Conservatives will continue fighting to get our forestry sectors back to work.”