NDP all rhetoric but no results on new Surrey hospital: BC Liberals

THE BC Liberals on Monday said that as the healthcare crisis worsens, the NDP government continues to be all talk and no results for Surrey residents who’ve been promised a second Surrey Hospital in successive NDP election platforms, but will be left waiting for years to come for what amounts to a glorified urgent care centre.

“Every day I hear from Surrey residents that are struggling to access primary health care under the NDP, despite repeatedly being promised a new Surrey Hospital,” said Elenore Sturko, BC Liberal candidate for Surrey South. “The people of Surrey were promised a full-service hospital, but all they’re getting is a glorified urgent care centre with 168 beds. To top it off, Budget 2022 revealed only $2 million has been spent on the much-delayed project to date — clearly this isn’t the priority the NDP has made this out to be.

“It’s just not good enough at a time when there is a severe primary care crisis with our medical system on the brink. People are growing tired of flashy NDP promises but no action on the ground. Whether it’s building a real hospital, fixing the family doctor shortage, creating more child care spaces, or eliminating portables, the NDP just doesn’t understand how to get big things done for the people of Surrey.”

The BC Liberals pointed out that the NDP election promises still missing include: no funding for a second medical school at SFU’s Surrey campus; no $400 annual renters’ rebate, despite Surrey renters paying $3,228 more per year under the NDP; and the failure to eliminate all portables at Surrey schools — the number of portables has increased by 40 per cent under five years of the NDP.