NDP says throne speech does not help consumers or create jobs

Jinny SimsSpeech from the Throne failed to change the channel on Conservative scandals and mismanagement, said Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair:

“For seven years, they’ve failed to take action to help consumers, so today’s words ring hollow to Canadians. This is the same tired government mired in ethical scandals – and now trying to use consumer issues to hide their inaction, misconduct and economic mismanagement.”

Despite youth unemployment soaring and nearly 300,000 more people unemployed today than before the recession, today’s Throne Speech failed to lay out a jobs plan.

“I kept listening for concrete steps towards lowering Canada’s unemployment rate, and particularly initiatives that would help our unemployed youth, but I heard nothing,” said NDP Employment and Social Development critic Jinny Sims (Newton-North Delta). “Today, more than ever, I’m resolved to keep focused on helping families by fighting for the creation of more high-quality, decent-paying jobs. This Conservative government, and lest we forget the Liberals before it, have together overseen the disappearance of an entire generation of middle-class jobs. The young people in my riding deserve better from their governments. Canadians deserve better.”

Sims said that the Throne Speech, and the month of prorogation leading up to it, were poor attempts by this Conservative government to distract Canadians from the current Senate scandal.