New recorders offer Surrey creatives better sound quality

SURREY Libraries invites the community to check out the latest addition to their Tech-To-Go collection, Zoom H1n Audio Recorder kits.

These recorders are simple to use, hand-held devices which allow people to record better quality sound. It’s meant for creators who want a step up from a smartphone.

“We are excited to offer these audio recording kits to the community to help foster creativity,” says Amy Ashmore, Director of Collection Services and Technology.

“We aim to provide more equitable access to audio equipment for anyone wanting to record speech, music, or any sound. We hope that people will find lots of creative uses for this tool.”

Zoom Audio Recorders are ideal for podcasting, filming, recording songs and musical performances, conducting interviews, and even capturing outdoor sounds.

Library staff also suggest these kits could aid local family historians to get interviews with family members, create audio time capsules as children grow, and connect to their cultural heritage through song or storytelling.

Kits come fully equipped with all required accessories. The Zoom H1n Recorder comes in a case along with a microSD card, two AAA batteries, a USB cable, a tripod, and an instruction booklet, complete with recommended settings, best practices, and ideas to inspire.

Zoom H1n Audio Recorder kits are available to borrow for three weeks to any library member. People can place holds on kits and pick them up at any one of Surrey Libraries’ 10 branches.

Surrey Libraries’ Tech-To-Go collection features borrowable technology that improves access to digital and physical tech tools for Surrey residents.

Other items in the collection include Dash Robot kits, Elgato video capture digital converters, ION tape converters, and energy meters.

For more information about Zoom H1n Audio Recorder kits, and Surrey Libraries’ complete Tech-To-Go collection, visit