Operation Red Nose: A safe ride home for 71,430 motorists in Canada

OPERATION Red Nose has wrapped up its 34th annual road safety campaign which ended with great success again this year. The 2017 campaign brought together no less than 51,261 volunteers in 100 Canadian communities, 3,341 of which were in 11 British Columbia host communities, who proudly wore the famous red vest over the holiday season. Their engagement to help make roads safer for everyone has allowed Operation Red Nose to provide 71,430 safe rides across Canada, of which 4,765 were provided in the province.

Together with its provincial partner, ICBC, Operation Red Nose said it is proud of the positive impact the campaign has had on road safety in the many communities across Canada. Next year, the program will be back for its 35th annual campaign.

If Operation Red Nose is now considered a classic holiday tradition in many communities, it would simply not be so without the participation of thousands of people who have continuously breathed life into the program for 34 years. Year after year, these people donate their time, for one or more than one evening, to provide what has become Canada’s largest safe ride service.

“Even after 34 campaigns, I always find it very inspiring to witness the commitment of thousands of volunteers, which allows Operation Red Nose to exist and bring people safely home. The generosity of these people towards their community makes a real difference, and I want to thank them for their outstanding participation. The success recipe for Operation Red Nose is a combination of three key ingredients: the participation of conscientious motorists, that of first class partners and, first and foremost, that of exceptional volunteers”, declared Jean-Marie De Koninck, Founding President of Operation Red Nose.

He added: “No wonder we often refer to the volunteers of Operation Red Nose as a big family. Indeed, nights of operation are excellent opportunities to create new friendships that will often last beyond the campaign. In addition to enjoying a rich human experience, volunteers say they also feel that they make a difference and are proud to have been able to do so for their fellow citizens.”

Through donations provided by motorists who use the safe ride service, Operation Red Nose also considerably impacts many non-profit organizations across Canada. Each year, $1.5 million is given to youth or amateur sports organizations. Moreover, the sums amassed are entirely redistributed in the communities where they were raised, thus supporting local organizations.

Over the past few weeks, numerous volunteers, as well as motorists, used Operation Red Nose’s free mobile application powered by ICBC. During the 2017 campaign, no less than 99,049 uses were registered in Canada.

Operation Red Nose is a non-profit organization with a mission to encourage responsible behaviour with regard to impaired driving in a non-judgmental manner, by enabling communities to provide a free and confidential chauffeur service to their members. The money it raises is redistributed to local organizations dedicated to youth and amateur sports, and invested in responsible drinking and road safety awareness campaigns.