Peter S. Mattoo to run for Delta Council


INSPIRED by a deep commitment to Delta and a disdain for top-down politics, Peter S. Mattoo says he will run for Delta Council.

As a husband, father, grandfather, and retired tradesman and union member, Mattoo says he has a genuine interest in shaking up Delta’s political scene by challenging the status quo. Electoral politics have led to a stagnant state of politics in Delta that deserves a candidate concerned with community over politics.

“My motivation for running is to make a positive impact on the future of Delta, and the only way I can do that is to speak freely about the issues that matter to residents,” says Mattoo.  “The current mayor and Council make re-election their main reason for running, and I am not driven by politics.”

Mattoo has identified a range of issues that he says are currently being unaddressed by the current administration, including:

* A lack of affordable housing options  for young people to settle in the community that they grew up in.

* Development without foresight or innovation, discouraging new residents and businesses from settling in Delta.

* A mayor and Council that operate Municipal Hall by dictating to Delta, not governing on behalf of residents.

“Delta has a long-standing and popular mayor, but without independent voices to work with her on Council, we will not be able to evolve as a community,” says Mattoo.  “It is time to stand up for those that are not being listened to at Municipal Hall.”


Twitter: @petersmattoo