Poll shows former Surrey mayor Doug McCallum on top in all four federal ridings

Doug McCallum

A poll conducted by Innovative Research Group in Surrey shows former Surrey mayor Doug McCallum is ahead of former BC Liberal minister Rich Coleman and Surrey Councillor Tom Gill, the mayoral candidate of Surrey First civic party, in ALL four federal riding areas.

The poll was commissioned by a person who hasn’t been identified as yet and the polling company told The VOICE that they could not comment on it in any way unless the person who had commissioned it gave them the green light.

McCallum’s favourability ratings are 29% in Fleetwood-Port Kells federal riding area (Coleman’s is 21% and Gill’s is 20%); 22% in Surrey Centre (Coleman’s is 11% and Gill’s is 21%); 24% is South Surrey (Coleman’s is 22% and Gill’s is 12%); and as high as 31% in Surrey-Newton (Coleman’s is 19% and Gill’s is only 16%, which is an eye-opener since that is where most South Asians reside!)

Sources tell The VOICE that Coleman has decided not to run in the civic election now because of “problems.” This newspaper was the first to report that Coleman could be planning to run for the mayor’s seat (April 26 story titled, “Is Rich Coleman ready to run for Mayor of Surrey?”). The Province newspaper carried the same story on June 10. In fact, this newspaper had given a hint about this on April 10 that “the buzz was that a former B.C. Liberal minister would be quitting provincial politics to run for mayor in Surrey.” But since then Coleman has been under severe attack because of the casinos’ scandal.

McCallum, who had been rejected in the last civic election, has since been approached by Surrey-ites from all areas as they feel that Surrey First just hasn’t been able to handle the law and order situation. Among South Asians, McCallum is fondly remembered for being approachable and for putting up road signs in Punjabi and English near Surrey’s two main gurdwaras.

If Coleman drops out, most of his support is expected to go to McCallum as a backlash against Surrey First appears to be building up.