Public health advocates disappointed by lack of progress on federal-provincial health care funding

PUBLIC health advocates, including the Canadian Health Coalition, said on Monday they are disappointed over the lack of progress on increased funding to address the health care crisis so far at the annual premiers meeting in Victoria.

“The Prime Minister needs to step up with additional funding, and Premiers need to provide greater accountability and transparency for health care dollars,” said Pauline Worsfold, Chairperson of the Canadian Health Coalition and front line nurse. “Our health care system is in crisis while the federal government and provinces argue over percentages.”

Responding to the Premiers’ demands for increased federal health transfers on CBC’s Power and Politics, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic Leblanc said he wants guarantees that provinces will not reduce their health care spending or cut taxes after receiving federal funding, the Canadian Health Coalition noted.

The Canadian Health Coalition said it has urged the federal government to increase its share of health care spending with provinces and territories through programs for pharmacare and long-term care that will provide measurable improvements and accountability in public health care for people in Canada.