Public Transport Will Be PriorityFor An NDP Govt, says Mulcair

mulcairNDP Leader Tom Mulcair was in Vancouver Friday announcing that an NDP government would establish a national public transit strategy.

“With buses and trains overflowing and gridlock grinding traffic to a halt, it’s clear that transit infrastructure is urgently needed in the Lower Mainland to protect and develop the region’s economy. What have the Conservatives done since 2006? Nothing,” said Mulcair. “Conservatives don’t seem to understand the realities of Canada’s urban centres. This country needs a long-term national transit strategy.”

Mulcair is in BC’s Lower Mainland meeting with local leaders to discuss the future of transit and infrastructure funding for the region. Transit infrastructure is urgently needed to maintain Metro Vancouver’s economy and build its municipalities.

“An NDP government would provide adequate and predictable funding to enable provincial and municipal governments to develop their public transit networks,” said Mulcair. “We must do something to reduce traffic, and public transit is the logical solution to an economic and environmental problem.”