Rouge Valley welcomes four physician specialists

TORONTO: A respirologist, an anesthesiologist, a neurologist and an intensivist have recently joined the team of care providers at both hospital campuses of Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS). 

“These four doctors are a welcome addition to our Rouge Valley team,” says Dr. Naresh Mohan, chief of staff, RVHS. “Their background and expertise bring even more care options to our patients in Scarborough and Durham Region.”


Local respirologist at RVC eager to give back to the community 


Dr. Sacha Bhinder, a new respirologist at Rouge Valley Centenary (RVC), was born and raised in Ajax. Dr. Bhinder volunteered at Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering (RVAP) in high school and knew he wanted to establish a career at the hospital. After obtaining his medical education at the University of Toronto, he completed a respirology fellowship at the University of Toronto, and successfully obtained his Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada certifications in internal medicine and adult respirology. 

Dr. Bhinder currently sees patients with respiratory/lung issues ranging from asthma and emphysema to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. “Rouge Valley has an incredible community of physicians, nurses and staff,” he says. “We have the opportunity to give back to the community and build a stronger division of medicine.” With a special interest in quality improvement, he finds it truly rewarding to improve the quality of life of his patients, most of whom have incurable diseases.


Anesthesiologist and interventional chronic pain physician at RVAP


Dr. Alim Mansoorali Punja recently joined Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering as an anesthesiologist and interventional chronic pain physician with the department of anesthesiology. After completing his medical training at the University of Calgary, Dr. Punja then completed post-graduate training in anesthesiology at the University of Ottawa and a clinical fellowship in chronic pain management at the University of Toronto.
Working as an anesthesiologist, Dr. Punja enjoys being involved with patients in different departments of the hospital. “I work with women in labour and delivery, providing them with epidural analgesia to help with the pain of childbirth, as well as providing anesthesia for cesarean sections. I work with patients having both emergency and elective surgeries, keeping them safe and comfortable in the main operating room. I also work in the emergency department and intensive care unit. I enjoy it all.” Dr. Punja’s dedication to his practice encouraged his continuous pursuit of learning and he is set to complete his master of public health degree from Harvard University in August 2015.


Neurologist adds to services for the community


Dr. Elena Sokolova is the latest neurologist at Rouge Valley to join our growing neurology team, working at both RVC and RVAP hospital campuses. She comes to RVHS after completing medical school in her native Russia and a residency in neurology at the University of Texas at San Antonio, followed by a fellowship in neuro-opthalmology at the University of Calgary. 

Prior to coming to Rouge Valley, Dr. Sokolova worked at Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre for three years, seeing general neurology, stroke and neuro-opthalmology patients. Currently, she provides neurology consultations for patients with different neurological conditions or who have had strokes. Dr. Sokolova’s contributions will be instrumental both in the development of the RVHS stroke program and in the elevation of neurology services for our community.


Intensivist at RVC has passion for palliative care


Dr. Jesse Delaney is a new intensivist in the department of medicine at RVC. Dr. Delaney earned his bachelor of science (honours) from Queen’s University, followed by his doctor of medicine at the University of Toronto. He then completed residencies in both internal medicine and critical care medicine at the University of Toronto, followed by a fellowship program in palliative care at the University of Toronto.
Working in both critical care and palliative care, Dr. Delaney looks forward to growing his career with Rouge Valley. “I’m excited to work with such an energized and passionate multi-disciplinary group,” he says. “In the ICU (intensive care unit), I hope to help the team continue to grow and develop to ensure we provide the best care for our patients. In palliative care, I would like to develop a more comprehensive palliative care service for both inpatients and outpatients, something that I’m really passionate about.”