Sameer Kara and two other Toronto cops found not guilty of sexual assault

Sameer Kara
screenshot from a documentary film

TORONTO police officers Sameer Kara, Leslie Nyznik and Joshua Cabero, who had each been charged with sexual assault of a parking enforcement officer back in January 2015 have all been acquitted.

Toronto Star reported Superior Court Justice Anne Molloy could not be sure what happened in a downtown hotel room in January 2015.

She said the complainant’s evidence was not credible or reliable enough for a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt because of inconsistencies, unreliable memories and contradictory video, witness and expert evidence, the Star said.

The judge said she “looked in vain” for evidence that would corroborate the complainant’s evidence, but the video evidence and the toxicology evidence did the opposite.

The Star reported that the judge found that based on the evidence of a toxicologist, the complainant’s symptoms were not consistent with the amount of alcohol she drank or being drugged. Also, the video of the complainant walking into the hotel and waiting for the elevator is also inconsistent with her evidence that she was confused, had trouble with her vision and was in pain. “In short she appeared to be perfectly normal,” Molloy said.
WHEN charges were laid in 2015, there was much publicity in the South Asian media because Kara had once appeared in a TV documentary film about dating in the South Asian community.

He said: “I’m looking to get married. My parents expect me to be there already. I know what I want. Now, does what I want actually exist? I don’t know.”

Karar, now 35, was 26 at the time and described what he wanted in a potential partner: “Family values, respect, someone that has a career or who’s in school who’s trying to get a career. Someone in the South Asian community because at the end of the day, it’s easier, you have things in common. There’s nothing wrong to marry outside of the community, but I’m looking to stay in the box.”

He said: “Am I looking for the modern type? Yes and no. I want someone that has the old family values and culture that my parents were brought up with.”